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Audi A4 (B9) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Refueling


The following messages may appear depending on the vehicle equipment:


If the indicator light appears with a corresponding message, refuel the vehicle.

Tank system: malfunction! Please contact Service

There is a malfunction in the fuel tank system.

Drive to an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Audi Service Facility immediately to have the malfunction corrected.

Fueling procedure

Checking and Filling
Fig. 154 Right rear side of the vehicle: opening the fuel filler door

Checking and Filling
Fig. 155 Fuel filler door with attached fuel cap

The fuel filler door is unlocked or locked by the central locking system.

The correct fuel type for your vehicle can be found on a label located on the inside of the fuel filler door. For additional information on fuel.

For the tank capacity in your vehicle, refer to the Technical Data.

To reduce the risk of fuel leaking out or vapors escaping, make sure that the fuel tank is closed correctly. Otherwise the indicator light will turn on.


Improper fueling procedures and improper handling of fuel can lead to explosions, fires, severe burns, and other injuries.


Audi does not recommend transporting fuel containers inside the vehicle. Fuel could leak out of the container and ignite, especially during an accident. This can cause explosions, fires, and injuries.


For the sake of the environment


The fuel filler door on your vehicle does not lock if you lock the vehicle from the inside using the central locking switch.

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