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Audi A4 (B9) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Child safety seats

General information

When installing and using child safety seats, follow the information in this Owner's Manual, the applicable state and federal regulations, and the manufacturer instructions for the child safety seat.


To reduce the risk of serious or fatal injuries, children must always be secured in the vehicle with a child safety seat that is appropriate for their body size, weight, and age.

Correct positioning for children

Always secure children in a child safety seat designed for the body size, weight, and age of the child.

You can secure child safety seats in your vehicle using the lower LATCH anchors or the safety belts. You can also secure child safety seats to the top tether anchor. Depending on the child safety seat, it may also be necessary to secure it to the top tether anchor. In Canada, securing forward- facing child safety seats to the top tether anchors is required by law.

Always transport children in the rear seats

Accident statistics show that children that are secured correctly in the rear seats are safer than in front seats. Always transport children in suitable child safety seats secured on the rear seats.

In exceptional circumstances: transporting children in the front passenger's seat

If exceptional circumstances require the child safety seat to be placed on the front passenger's seat, then the front passenger's airbag must be deactivated. Please note the important information for this, Advanced airbag system. If you must secure a forward-facing child safety seat, move the front passenger's seat as far back as possible so that it is as far as possible from the front passenger's airbag. While doing this, make sure the seat can be adjusted all the way.

Only switch to a larger child safety seat when absolutely necessary

Switch to a larger child safety seat only when absolutely necessary. Secure your child using a safety belt without a child safety seat only if all of the following statements are true:

Read and follow the important information and warnings regarding the correct use of safety belts.


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Securing child safety seats to the lower LATCH anchors
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