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Mazda CX-5 Service & Repair Manual: Oil Pressure Inspection


1. Disconnect the negative battery cable..

2. Remove the front under cover No.2..

3. Remove the oil pressure switch..


4. Install the SSTs

to the oil pressure switch installation hole using the following procedure.

a. Assemble SSTs 49 D019 908

, 49 D019 909

, and 49 D019 911

outside of the engine compartment beforehand.

b. Install SST 49 D019 910

to the oil pressure switch installation hole.

c. Install SST 49 D019 911

to the SST 49 D019 910


5. Connect the negative battery cable..

6. Warm up the engine to normal operating temperature.

7. Run the engine at the specified speed, and note the gauge readings.


8. Stop the engine and wait until it is cools.

9. Disconnect the negative battery cable..

10. Remove the SSTs.

11. Install the oil pressure switch..

12. Connect the negative battery cable..

13. Start the engine and confirm that there is no oil leakage.

14. Install the front under cover No.2..

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