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Mazda CX-5 Service & Repair Manual: Shift Point Control (Manual Shift Control) [Fw6 A EL, Fw6 Ax EL]

Mazda CX-5 Service & Repair Manual / Drivetrain / Transmission/Transaxle / General / Shift Point Control (Manual Shift Control) [Fw6 A EL, Fw6 Ax EL]




Shifting operation and manual transmission

Shift operation


Gear shift enabled/disabled

Shift-up operation

Operates once

1GR to 2GR

Enabled when both driving and stopped

2GR to 3GR

Enabled when driving at specified vehicle speed or more

3GR to 4GR

4GR to 5GR

5GR to 6GR

Operates 2 times consecutively

1GR to 3GR

2GR to 4GR

3GR to 5GR

4GR to 6GR

Operates 3 times consecutively

1GR to 4GR

2GR to 5GR

3GR to 6GR

Operates 4 times consecutively

1GR to 5GR

2GR to 6GR

Shift-down operation

Operates once

6GR to 5GR

Enabled when driving at specified vehicle speed or less

5GR to 4GR

4GR to 3GR

3GR to 2GR

2GR to 1GR

Operates 2 times consecutively

6GR to 4GR

5GR to 3GR

4GR to 2GR

3GR to 1GR

Operates 3 times consecutively

6GR to 3GR

5GR to 2GR

4GR to 1GR

Operates 4 times consecutively

6GR to 2GR

5GR to 1GR

2nd gear fixed mode

Shift Point Control (Automatic Shift Control) [Fw6 A EL, Fw6 Ax EL]
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Transaxle Fluid Temperature (Tft) Sensor [Fw6 A EL, Fw6 Ax EL]
Purpose/Function The transaxle fluid temperature (TFT) sensor detects the ATF temperature in the oil pan. The transaxle fluid temperature (TFT) sensor signal is used for automatic ...

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