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Mazda CX-5 Service & Repair Manual: Cylinder Head Gasket Replacement



1. Disconnect the negative battery cable..

2. Remove the plug hole plate..

3. Remove the ignition coil/ion sensors..

4. Remove the front under cover No.2..

5. Remove the splash shield..

6. Remove the drive belt..

7. Drain the engine oil..

8. Drain the engine coolant..

9. Remove the intake manifold..

10. Set aside the exhaust manifold to the vehicle rear..

11. Disconnect the radiator hose (upper, lower).

12. Remove the vacuum pump..

13. Remove the high pressure fuel pump and rear housing..

14. Disconnect the heater hose from the water outlet and water inlet pipe.

15. Remove the oil pan..

16. Remove the timing chain and chain guide..

17. Remove the OCV..

18. Remove in the order indicated in the table.

19. Install in the reverse order of removal.

20. Refill with the specified type and amount of the engine oil..

21. Refill the engine coolant..

22. Start the engine, and inspect and adjust the following:


Water hose (if equipped)


Water inlet pipe

(See Water Inlet Pipe Installation Note.)



(See Camshaft Removal Note.)

(See Camshaft Installation Note.)


Rocker arm

(See Rocker Arm Removal Note.)

(See Rocker Arm Installation Note.)


Cylinder head

(See Cylinder Head Removal Note.)

(See Cylinder Head Installation Note.)


Cylinder head gasket

Camshaft Removal Note

1. Loosen the camshaft cap installation bolts in a few passes in the order shown in the figure and remove the camshaft caps.

2. Remove the camshaft.

Rocker Arm Removal Note

1. Keep the rocker arms in the order of removal to enable reassembly in their original positions.

Cylinder Head Removal Note

1. Temporarily install the oil pan to support the engine from under the vehicle.


2. Support the engine (oil pan) using a commercially available engine lifter or garage jack.

3. Remove the chain on the SST

that suspended the engine and set it aside.

4. Loosen the cylinder head installation bolts in two or three passes in the order shown in the figure and remove them.

5. Remove the cylinder head.

Cylinder Head Installation Note


1. When a cylinder head bolt is reused, apply engine oil to any part of the following:

2. Tighten the cylinder head bolts in the order shown in the following 4 steps.

3. Install the chain for the SST

which was set aside and secure the engine.

4. Remove the engine lifter or garage jack.

5. Remove the temporarily assembled oil pan.

Rocker Arm Installation Note

1. Apply engine oil to the HLAs and the end of the valve stems.

2. Install the rocker arms to the same positions as before removal.

Camshaft Installation Note

1. As shown in the figure, apply gear oil (SAE No. 90 or equivalent) or engine oil to the center area of each journal of the cylinder head.


2. Install the camshaft with cylinder No.1 cam aligned to the TDC position as shown in the figure.

3. As shown in the figure, apply gear oil (SAE No. 90 or equivalent) or engine oil to the center area of each journal of the camshaft.

4. Apply adhesive agent (Loctite 962T) around journal No.6 of the cylinder head or the exhaust-side rear camshaft cap.


5. Install the camshaft caps in the marked number order, and temporarily tighten the camshaft cap installation bolts in two or three passes evenly.

6. Tighten the camshaft cap installation bolts in two steps in the order shown in the figure.

Water Inlet Pipe Installation Note


1. Clean away the sealant adhering to the bolt hole on the cylinder block side of the water inlet pipe stay.

2. Apply engine coolant to the O-ring.

3. Install the O-ring to the water inlet pipe.

4. Insert the water inlet pipe into the water pump being careful not to damage the O-ring.

5. Install the water inlet pipe gasket with the gasket projection facing the direction shown in the figure.

6. Tighten the bolts in the order shown in the figure.

Cylinder Head Cover
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Cylinder Head Gasket
Purpose, Function The cylinder head gasket is installed between the cylinder head and cylinder block to prevent leakage of air-fuel mixture, combustion gas, engine oil, and engine coolant ...

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