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Mazda CX-5 Service & Repair Manual: Hood Adjustment

Height Difference Adjustment

1. Verify that the height difference between the hood and the body is within the specification.

2. Disconnect the negative battery cable..

3. Remove the following parts:

a. Front over fender.

b. Front bumper.

c. Front combination light.

d. Front bumper slider.

e. Front fender panel.

4. Loosen bolts and adjust the hood.

5. Tighten bolts..

6. Install the following parts:

a. Front fender panel.

b. Front bumper slider.

c. Front combination light.

d. Front bumper.

e. Front over fender.

7. Connect the negative battery cable..

Gap Adjustment

1. Verify that the gap between the hood and the body is within the specification.

2. Turn the stopper rubber to adjust the height of the hood.

Purpose/Function The hood is constructed with a large space between the front end of the hood and the engine to absorb an impact. Construction The hood stiffener positioned at t ...

Hood Disassembly/Assembly
1. Disassemble in the order indicated in the table. 1 Fastener 2 Hood insulator 3 Shroud seaming welt ...

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