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Audi A4 (B9) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Vision

Adjusting exterior mirrors

Lights and Vision
Fig. 48 Driver's door: knob for the exterior mirrors

Turn the knob in the driver's door to the desired position:

0 - Deactivates all adjustment functions.

- Selects the left or right exterior mirror.

To adjust the mirror glass in a mirror, press the knob in the desired direction.

- Heats the mirror glass depending on the outside temperature.

- Folds the exterior mirrors*. To fold the mirrors out, turn the knob to one of the other positions.

In the MMI, you can select if the mirrors fold in automatically when you lock the vehicle.

Front passenger's exterior mirror tilt function*

Requirement: the knob must be in the position for the front passenger's exterior mirror.

The mirror surfaces tilt slightly when reverse gear is selected to provide a better view, for example of the edge of the curb.

You can adjust the mirror surface by turning the knob in the desired direction.

The mirror moves from the reversing position back to the original position:


Curved mirror surfaces (for example convex) enlarge the field of vision. However, they make objects in the mirror appear smaller and farther away. When using these mirrors to estimate your distance to vehicles behind you when changing lanes, you could estimate incorrectly, which increases the risk of an accident.



If the power adjusting function malfunctions, the glass in both mirrors can be adjusted by pressing on the edge of it by hand.

Dimming the mirrors

Manual dimming rearview mirror

Automatic dimming rearview mirror

Applies to: vehicles with automatic dimming mirrors


Applies to: vehicles with automatic dimming mirrors


Applies to: vehicles with automatic dimming mirrors

Electrolyte fluid can leak out from broken mirror glass. This liquid damages plastic surfaces and paint. Clean this liquid as quickly as possible, for example with a wet sponge.


Applies to: vehicles with automatic dimming mirrors

Sun visors

Lights and Vision
Fig. 49 Roof headliner: sun visor

Sun visor

The sun visors can be moved out of their brackets and turned toward the doors (1).

They can also be moved back and forth lengthwise in this position.

Vanity mirror

The mirror lighting* switches on when the cover over the vanity mirror (2) opens.


Applies to: vehicles with sunshade

Lights and Vision
Fig. 50 Rear door: sunshade

Rear door sunshade

Interior lighting
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Windshield wipers
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