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Audi A4 (B9) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Traffic light information


Applies to: vehicles with traffic light information

Driving information
Fig. 105 Instrument cluster: traffic light information display

The traffic light information gives you a speed recommendation in order to reach the next traffic light when it is green (1), or it informs you of the wait time at the next red light (2). Once traffic light data is received, the traffic light information will be displayed in the instrument cluster and in the head-up display*. If the vehicle is in an area with traffic light information but cannot receive a traffic light signal, then a gray traffic light symbol will be displayed (3).

General information

The traffic light information is subject to system limitations and may be unavailable or only partially available in the following situations:

If this is the case, the menu item will be grayed-out or it will not be possible to select it.




Applies to: vehicles with traffic light information

Switching traffic light information on and off

Accessing traffic light information


If another tab or another function is selected in the instrument cluster, the traffic light information will appear in the status bar on the instrument cluster.


Applies to: vehicles with traffic light information

The following messages may appear depending on the vehicle equipment:

Malfunction! See owner's manual

The system could not be configured, for example due to a network malfunction. Switch the ignition off and shut down the vehicle to restart the system. Wait several minutes until the vehicle has shut down completely and then switch the ignition back on.

Function currently unavailable. See owner's manual

There is a temporary system malfunction. Check if one or more of the following situations applies and correct the issue if necessary:

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