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Audi A4 (B9) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Towing

General information

You should only perform the steps that follow if you have the necessary tools and technical expertise.

Towing requires a certain amount of practice.

Audi recommends contacting a towing company to have the vehicle transported.

You should only have your vehicle towed by another vehicle when disabled in exceptional circumstances.

Inexperienced drivers should not tow.

Notes on towing

When the engine is stopped, the transmission will not be sufficiently lubricated if traveling at high speeds and long distances:

Additional information on towing with a tow truck

The vehicle may only be towed with the front axle raised. Do not wrap any chains or cables around the brake lines.

Tow bar and towing cable

The vehicle can be towed with a tow bar or towing cable. Both drivers should be familiar with the special considerations when towing, especially when using a towing cable.

Always make sure the traction force does not exceed the permitted level and there are no shock loading conditions. There is always the risk of the coupling becoming overloaded when driving off-road.

For the most safety and security, drive with a tow bar. You should use a towing cable only if a tow bar is not available. Use a towing cable made of synthetic elastic cable similar elastic material.





Read and follow the important information under.


Towing vehicle (front)

Vehicle being towed (rear)


Rear towing loop

Emergency assistance
Fig. 180 Rear bumper: installing the towing loop

The threaded opening for the towing loop is located on the right rear of the bumper.


If the towing loop is not tightened until it stops when installing, the threads may be pulled out when towing the vehicle and result in an accident.


Depending on the model, the shape of the cap can vary.

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Fuses and bulbs

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