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Audi A4 (B9) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Start/Stop system


Applies to: vehicles with Start/Stop system

The Start/Stop system can help increase fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions.

In Start/Stop mode, the engine shuts off automatically when stopped, for example at a traffic light. If certain conditions are met, the engine may stop before the vehicle has come to a complete stop. If you press the accelerator pedal when this happens, the engine will start and driving power will be transmitted.

The ignition and important assist systems such as the brake booster will remain available during the Stop phase. The engine will restart automatically when needed.

The Start/Stop system is automatically activated once the ignition is switched on.

Switching the Start/Stop system off and on

The button is located above the selector lever in the center console. The LED in the button turns on when the function is switched off.

If you switch the system off during a Stop phase, the engine will start again automatically.

Basic requirements


Always switch the Start/Stop system off when driving through water.


Stopping and starting the engine

Applies to: vehicles with Start/Stop system

If the parking brake is set, the engine will only start again when the accelerator pedal is pressed.


Starting and stopping the engine automatically

Applies to: vehicles with Start/Stop system

The system checks if certain conditions are met before and during the Stop phase, and determines if the engine stops and how long it remains stopped. For example, if power usage is high, the engine will not be stopped. Along with other conditions, the following factors influence the automatic engine start or stop:

Depending on the engine, the indicator light may appear if the engine is not stopped.


Applies to: vehicles with Start/Stop system

The following messages may appear depending on the vehicle equipment:

Drive system: please start the vehicle manually

This message appears when specific conditions are not met during a Stop phase. The Start/Stop system will not be able to restart the engine. The engine must be started with the START ENGINE STOP button.

Vehicle starting system: malfunction! Please contact Service

There is a malfunction in the Start/Stop system.

Drive the vehicle to an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Service Facility as soon as possible to have the malfunction corrected.

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