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Audi A4 (B9) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Special driving situations

Driving uphill and downhill

When driving uphill, downhill, or at high altitudes, note the following information:


Offroad  mode

Applies to: allroad

Your vehicle is not an offroad vehicle. Note the following points when driving offroad:

If necessary, use the following functions:


Only drive in terrain that is suitable for the vehicle and your driving ability.

For the sake of the environment

Avoid actions that are damaging to the environment.

Show respect for the natural environment and remain on marked routes.


Clean your vehicle after driving offroad. Dirt and stones falling off your vehicle can affect other road users.

Driving though water

If you must drive through water, follow these instructions:


After driving through water, press the brake pedal carefully to dry the brakes so that the full braking effect will be restored.


Vehicle components such as the motor, drive system, suspension, or electrical system can be severely damaged by driving through water.


If possible, avoid driving through salt water because it increases the risk of corrosion. Use fresh water to clean any vehicle components that come into contact with salt water.

Hill descent assist

Applies to: vehicles with hill hold assist

The button is located above the selector lever in the center console. It lights up when the system is turned on.

Hill descent assist can assist you when driving down hills by maintaining a constant vehicle speed by automatically braking all four wheels.

You can adjust the speed using the accelerator and brake pedals. The regulation depends on the hill and the vehicle speed.

Active regulation

Regulation begins shortly after you start driving and is possible at speeds up to approximately 19 mph (30 km/h) and on hills that have an approximately 6-60% grade. If these conditions are met, regulation will be activated and the indicator light will turn on.

Ready mode

If one of the requirements for active regulation is not met, the system will be in ready mode. The indicator light will turn on. Once the requirements are met again, the system will be able to provide active regulation again.



If you select the Audi drive select* offroad mode, hill descent assist will switch on.

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