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Audi A4 (B9) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Setting the central locking system

You can adjust the central locking system to your preferences. The settings depend on the vehicle equipment.

Door unlocking

The entire vehicle will always be locked f you press the button.

Long press to open windows

You can select if all windows and the panoramic glass roof* should open using the vehicle key, Convenience opening and closing. If you press and hold the button on the vehicle key, all of the windows and the panoramic glass roof* will close.

Disable rear lid handle

You can select if the luggage compartment lid can be opened with the handle, fig. 30. lf you activate this function, the luggage compartment lid can only be opened with the button on the vehicle key or in the driver's door.

In vehicles with a convenience key*, you can still open the luggage compartment lid using the handle, fig. 30 if an authorized convenience key is detected.

Fold mirrors

You can select if the exterior mirrors automatically fold in when locking.

Tone when locking1)

You can select if an audio signal sounds when locking the vehicle.

Open with convenience key

Applies to: vehicles with convenience key

You can deactivate the feature for unlocking using the sensor. The function for locking via the sensor will still be enabled.

Central locking switch

Central locking switch
Fig. 23 Driver's door: central locking switch

When locking the vehicle with the central locking switch, the following applies:



The following messages may appear depending on the vehicle equipment:

Driver's door: malfunction! Shift to P before leaving vehicle. See owner's manual

There is a malfunction in the driver's door. Secure the vehicle before exiting by selecting the "P" selector lever position. Drive immediately to an authorized Audi dealer or authorized Audi Service Facility to have the malfunction repaired.

Mechanically unlocking and locking the doors

All doors must be unlocked or locked separately if the central locking system fails.

Opening and closing
Fig. 24 Driver's door: door lock cylinder

Opening and closing
Fig. 25 Door: mechanically locking

Unlocking or locking the driver's door with the mechanical key

Locking the front passenger's door and rear doors using the mechanical key

The mechanical lock is located on the edge of the doors (1) or in the latch opening (2) fig. 25. It is only visible when the door is open.

Once the front passenger's door or rear doors close, it will no longer be possible to open them from the outside. The front doors can be opened from the inside by pulling the door handle one time. The rear doors can be unlocked from the inside by pulling the door handle one time and then opened by pulling the door handle again. If the child safety lock in one of the rear doors is activated, you must first pull the door handle from the inside. Then you can open the door from the outside.


Observe the safety precautions.

Anti-theft alarm system

Applies to: vehicles with anti-theft alarm system

If the anti-theft alarm system detects a vehicle break-in, audio and visual warning signals are triggered. The anti-theft alarm system is switched on or off when locking or unlocking your vehicle.

If the alarm is triggered, it will shut off automatically after a certain amount of time.

Switching the alarm off manually

Depending on the vehicle equipment, the antitheft alarm system may have the following features:

Break-in security feature

The alarm will sound if there is a break-in at the doors, hood, and/or luggage compartment lid.

Interior/towing protection monitor

The alarm will be triggered if there are movements detected in the vehicle interior (for example, by animals) or if there is a change in the vehicle angle (for example, when the vehicle is being towed).

You can prevent the alarm from being triggered by deactivating the interior/towing protection monitor.

Deactivating the interior/towing protection monitor

There are the following options for deactivating the interior/towing protection monitor:

If you lock the vehicle, then the interior/towing protection monitor will stay off until the next time the vehicle is unlocked.


No one, especially children, should stay in the vehicle when it is locked from the outside, because the windows can no longer be opened from the inside. Locked doors make it more difficult for emergency workers to enter the vehicle, which puts lives at risk.


The interior/towing protection monitoring only functions correctly when the windows and the roof* are closed.

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