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Audi A4 (B9) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Menus and symbols

Multi Media Interface
Fig. 15 MMI: center display

  1. Overview screen
    • Displays selected information tiles and provides quick access to certain functions
  2. Quick access bar
    • Return to the home screen or the overview page, open menus quickly
  3. Display area
    • Select a menu, apply settings, display content
  4. Favorites
    • Use or manage favorites
  5. -  7.  Status bar
    • Operate functions and apply quick settings, display of available notifications 6, status indicator 7, time

Description of common symbols

You can operate the default functions using the symbols that follow. The symbols may be found in any menu, depending on the context.

Go back one level

Close the menu

Search for content

Open explanations for a menu

Open settings for the selected menu

Open the submenu

Adjust the settings

Set as favorite

Switch functions on or off

Switch functions on or off

Switch functions on or off

Open additional actions

Open additional information for the selected menu

Overview screen

The overview screen is the first menu page in the MMI. Information about certain vehicle functions such as media, time, and phone is displayed in tiles. The available information tiles can be rearranged on the overview screen or replaced with others. Depending on the system context, you may be able to operate certain functions directly, such as muting the sound.

Switching between the overview screen and the home screen

Configuring the overview screen

Quick access

With quick access, you can return to the home screen and quickly switch between four menus that can be configured according to your preferences.

Returning to the home screen or opening a menu quickly

Configuring quick access


The position of cannot be adjusted.

Display area

You can freely change the location of the buttons on the home screen display area.

Configuring the display area

Switching between menu pages

If a menu contains multiple menu pages, is displayed in the display area. The white bar shows the location of the current menu page.


By creating favorites, you can have quick access to various items, such as radio stations, frequently-used contacts, or vehicle settings. In the FAVORITES menu, the stored favorites are sorted by topic into information tiles.

Adding a favorite

A button indicates if you can add a favorite, such as a selected radio station. Depending on the context, you may also be able to add items without the button to the favorites, such as entries in a list.

Using favorites

Stored favorites can only be deleted or configured in the corresponding menu (such as RADIO).

Arranging information tiles

Multi Media Interface
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Status display
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