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Audi A4 (B9) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Front seats

General information

Make sure that:



Applies to: vehicles with manually adjustable head restraints

To reduce the risk of damage, be very careful when adjusting the seat to make sure the head restraints do not come into contact with the roof.

Power seat adjustment

Sitting correctly and safely
Fig. 53 Front seat: adjusting the seat (version A)

Sitting correctly and safely
Fig. 58 Front seat: adjusting the seat (version B)

The settings depend on the vehicle equipment.

Adjusting the backrests

Adjusting the seat position

Adjusting the lumbar support

Adjusting the upper thigh support

Massage function

Adjusting the side supports


Adjusting the front seat settings in the MMI

Applies to: vehicles with seat settings in the MMI

Sitting correctly and safely
Fig. 59 Center display: seat settings

The settings and the number of menus and buttons depend on the vehicle equipment.


Applies to: MMI

The red coloring in the symbol (3) indicates which seat is selected.

Front seat massage function

Applies to: vehicles with massage function

Selecting the massage function

Switching the massage function on or off

Applies to: MMI

Setting the massage type and intensity

Applies to: MMI


The massage function switches off automatically after approximately 10 minutes.

Additional settings in the MMI

Depending on the vehicle equipment, the following options may be available.

Reset seat position

You can adjust the position of the front passenger's seat to match the driver's seat.

Driver seat entry assistance

Entry assistance makes it easier to enter or exit the vehicle.

Front passenger seat adjustment

You can adjust the front passenger's side with the driver's seat buttons.

Front center armrest

Applies to: vehicles with a front center armrest

The front center armrest is located between the front seats.

Adjusting the center armrest

The settings depend on the vehicle equipment.


In certain positions, the front center armrest can interfere with the driver's arm movement, which increases the risk of injury.

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