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Audi A4 (B9) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Exit warning


Applies to: vehicles with exit warning system

Driver assistance
Fig. 122 Approaching traffic detected

Driver assistance
Fig. 123 Front door: exit warning

General information

Within system limits, the exit warning system can detect traffic approaching from behind such as vehicles, and provide assistance based on this information when you are exiting the vehicle => fig. 122. The system uses the data from the radar sensors at the rear corners of the vehicle.

Displays and warnings

If a door is opened while the vehicle is stationary, the warning strip (1) on that door and the display (2) on that side of the vehicle will blink if another road user is detected in a critical situation. If another road user that is classified as critical is approaching while a door is already open, the displays on that door will turn on.

The same messages apply for the exit warning system and side assist.



Side assist
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Parking and maneuvering

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