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Audi A4 (B9) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Cup holders

Applies to: vehicles with cup holders

Storage and convenience
Fig. 75 Rear center armrest*: cup holders

Depending on vehicle equipment, your vehicle may have cup holders in the front center console and in the rear center armrest.

Cup holders in the rear center armrest*



Beverage containers in the cup holders should always have a lid. Otherwise, the liquid inside could spill and cause damage to vehicle equipment.

Storage and compartments

Storage area behind the rear head restraints

Applies to: vehicles with storage area behind the rear head restraints

The storage area can be used to carry light pieces of clothing.


The storage compartment must not be used to transport heavy objects, hard objects, or animals. Such objects endanger vehicle occupants and increase the risk of injury during sudden driving or braking maneuvers or in an accident.


Make sure that the heating grid strips for the rear window defogger are not damaged by abrasive objects.


To ensure the ventilation functions correctly, the ventilation slots between the rear window and the storage area must not be covered.

Other storage locations

Depending on vehicle equipment, there are a variety of storage areas, compartments, and retainers, such as the glove compartment, for safely storing and securing objects.


Power sources
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Luggage compartment
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