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Audi A4 (B9) 2016-2022 Owner's Manual: Assisted parking

General information

Applies to: vehicles with park assist

If your vehicle is equipped with park assist, this system helps you find suitable parking spaces.

Parking spaces are measured using ultrasonic sensors on the sides of the vehicle.

The system helps you to park while the driver monitors the vehicle's surroundings with the parking aids, cameras", and direct eye contact.

The vehicle moves the steering wheel autonomously.


Observe the safety precautions and note the limits of the assist systems, sensors, and cameras.

Parking options

Applies to: vehicles with park assist

Parking and maneuvering
Fig. 132 Parking options overview

The following parking options may be available depending on the activation timing:

Parking options

  1. Backing into parallel parking spaces
  2. Backing into perpendicular parking spaces
  3. Driving forward into perpendicular parking spaces that you have already driven past
  4. Driving forward into perpendicular parking spaces

Options for exiting parking spaces

  1. Exiting parallel parking spaces

Parking space search

Applies to: vehicles with park assist

Parking and maneuvering
Fig. 133 Center console: park assist button

Parking and maneuvering
Fig. 134 Center display: activated parking space search

Activating the parking space search

The display for the parking space search appears in the center display > fig. 134.

Searching for parking spaces

Selecting the parking space

If the system finds a parking space that could be suitable for the vehicle length and width, it will be displayed. The system automatically suggests a parking option (1).

If the parking space allows different parking options, they can be selected manually. Press one of the suggested parking options (1) in the center display.

Starting the parking process

As soon as the vehicle has reached the correct position, a P will appear in the center display above the selected parking space (3). In the center display, arrows or symbols on the vehicle roof (2) indicate what action is needed, such as applying the brakes or changing the direction.

Maneuvering area

The vehicle can go off course during the parking process. If there are obstacles within the maneuvering area that block or endanger the parking process, for example on the opposite side of the street, a message may appear. You may need to drive farther forward and stay closer to the row of parking spaces.




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